Nakia is currently the principal/administrator of the Christina Adult Education & Literacy program and serves as an adjunct faculty for 4th-Dimension Leaders’ Lead for Delaware program. Nakia Fambro has been an educator for over fourteen years previously serving as an assistant principal at Middletown High School for two years and at Glasgow High School for five years. Nakia demonstrates a strong commitment to academic excellence by guaranteeing that all students are provided with the curriculum, instruction, assessment and support they need in order to meet rigorous achievement standards. In addition, she enjoys working collaboratively with colleagues to maximize learning opportunities for all students and families while relying on her grit, charisma, core values, and the eagerness to improve each day. Nakia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in biology education from Delaware State University and a Master’s Degree in Applied Technology in Education from Wilmington University. She also completed a Certificate in School Leadership from the Delaware Leadership Project. Nakia enjoys spending time with her eight-year-old daughter Brielle who is in third grade. She loves eating at different restaurants, traveling, spending time with friends, and everything beach