We’re committed to developing transformation-minded people by leading equity, inclusivity, nuance, and passion. With your help, we will continue to: 

  • Train and certify aspiring leaders for our schools with the greatest needs
  • Increase the chorus of equity practitioners throughout the state 
  • Scale supports for schools and communities in decline

Systemic barriers trap low-performing schools from achieving excellence, but the research is sound: school leaders make the difference.

Our Mission

Actualize equity.

Build the bench.

Cultivate enabling conditions for school transformation.

“I was in a few different equity meetings today and I've just been feeling so grateful for this group (EPP). This is, by far, the absolute best community I've been in in a long time. I appreciate how in-depth our conversations are and how much you push our thinking and reflections. SO THANK YOU!!”

“Thank you for providing an opportunity to learn about leadership that spans beyond the traditional approaches of learning via the higher-ed setting.”​

“I’m trudging up the equity hill, a few steps at a time. I allow myself to pause, so I can digest new, mind spinning information before proceeding. Yet, I’m determined to forge ahead because I’m more confident in my new evolving role.”