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Role Attainment


Lead For Delaware seeks to become the top-flight professional learning program for aspiring leaders who wish to realize their full-potential by creating transformational school settings. Part and parcel of that aspiration is to be trusted by schools, districts and networks up and down the state; over the last year, that trust has revealed itself through increased leadership opportunity for our aspiring leaders. The graphic below shows movement along the leadership spectrum, as it pertains to individuals who have completed or are in the process of completing the 2-year program.

First, here’s how we define leadership:

School Leader: A full-time, out of the classroom member of the leadership team who is primarily responsible for teacher accountability and student achievement. We recognize role titles limited to executive director, principal or assistant principal.

Formal leadership: Spends at least 50% of the school day outside of being the primary teacher of record, and is responsible for supporting instruction and/or the administrative team. We recognize role titles including but not limited to coordinator, coach or dean.

Second, here’s how we see our process, broadly:

Step 1: Assume leadership position/increase leadership influence.

Step 2: Lead transformative work.


Variance in self vs. peer and supervisor performance ratings (4-point scale)


Developing a Diverse Group of Leaders

n = 20

Developing Leaders for All Schools


Women Leading the Charge


4th-Dimension Leaders - (4DL) - envisions school-level change, whereby both the enabling conditions for transformation and a cadre of transformation-ready leaders are cultivated on an ongoing basis.