Lead For Delaware

Lead for Delaware is a two-year, soft skills-focused, alternative-route school leader development and certification program. Engaging participants in more than 600 hours of both professional learning and clinical practice, the program develops and certifies leaders who wish to see all kids receive a high-quality education, with no regard to their zip code.

Program Pillars

Rigorous Reflection: At Lead For Delaware, we expose leaders to themselves. We don’t hold back on engaging in difficult conversations about race, gender, identity or other structural barriers to transformation; in fact, exploration of these concepts is foundational to our program. Leaders who know themselves and seek to understand others have the power to transform communities.  

Strategic Discourse: Leaders in Training, (or LiTs), regularly engage in problems of practice specific to their everyday work. They explore the common tensions they face in values, beliefs and assumptions. Our program is noisy with disagreement, debate and creative problem-solving. 

Thoughtful Exposure: At times, we put relevant context and familiar experiences aside to engage in opportunities designed to grow us as individuals. Making meaning for our own context occurs only after a period of thoughtful processing and intentional reflection; Lead For Delaware pushes LiTs’ mental and physical fortitude to the limit.

Lead for Delaware Participants

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