What Our Leaders Are Saying


Lead For Delaware Testimonials:

What impact has our programming had on your professional practice and/or your personal growth?

“It is making me re-evaluate my practices and ponder how to be an effective, just leader who acts in equity as I move forward.”

“It has helped me better understand equity in education and given me tools to address it in my school building.”

“This programming has allowed me to push past black and white answers and ask questions of data, of experiences and of my teachers that elicit information that is more nuanced and information that surfaces larger issues of equity.”

“The experiences shared by current school leaders has been very valuable. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be able to visit other schools and get a sense of their needs and what school leadership is doing or has done to address those needs.”

On Programming

“The program forced us to just get raw with our feelings and allowed us to be honest and vulnerable in starting hard conversations.”

“Hearing the history of de/resegregation resonated with me. It is Day Two and I already feel as though I've gained valuable information and perspective.”

“Being able to observe classrooms that are outside my current grade level is helpful to understand the differences, especially doing so with teachers that better understand that level.”

Equity Practitioner Program Testimonials:

How would you describe where you are on your journey toward becoming a practitioner of equity?

“We, in Colonial, are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with 4th Dimension Leaders and send teacher leaders to participate in the Equity Practitioner’s Program. This has been an extremely powerful personal and professional growth experience for our participating teachers. They volunteered to join the program because of their advocacy for equity and left with the tools and confidence to truly lead this work. Their deeply personal journeys over the past several months have impacted them tremendously. It is most exciting to hear them share how they now feel empowered and equipped to confront racism in their schools whether it be in a PLC or in the teacher’s lounge. They also are prepared to support other educators on their equity journey and lead professional development with the rest of Colonial staff. Many of them were already a member of one of the district equity groups prior to EPP, but since have joined the district equity professional learning workgroup as a result of their capstone project. This sounds like the end but it’s actually the beginning. We are looking forward to the continuing partnership with EPP and supporting other educators to engage deeply in this work. I would absolutely encourage all school districts to send their teacher leaders to join the EPP. I would also expect that district and school leaders engage in their own journey or work with 4th Dimension to assist their leadership teams. School/district leaders need to leverage the passion and talents of EPP cohorts in a meaningful way to have a deep impact in their communities.”

“My journey towards becoming a practitioner of equity is in its infancy. Mostly because the readings and discussions have put curves in my prior map. I thought I was on the right path but now feel I need to explore more before feeling prepared to influence others.”

“I'm becoming more aware of my own beliefs and the impacts it has on others.”

“I still feel like I have so far to go. The deeper we dive into content, the more my head spins with questions. I feel energized after being with everyone in my group. I feel accepted for who I am, appreciated for my thoughts, and most importantly listened to as if what I am saying means something.”

“I think I am moving into the feeling/acting part of this journey. I am ready to push back against certain things and have some courageous conversations with my colleagues.”