Helen Anderson is a Wilmington native who still resides there with her daughter. Ms. Anderson is currently the Executive Director of Dual Generation Services for the State of Delaware. In her role she works with Wilmington families to bridge the gap between education and social services to end systemic poverty. Ms. Anderson’s passion for youth, has helped her to create a holistic initiative, that encompasses various State agencies and community partners to provide housing, employment, social service navigation, and educational opportunities. Ms. Anderson is living out the legacy of her father, William “Hicks” Anderson and the work that he started with Wilmington Families. 


Ms. Anderson is a former Special Education Teacher who took on the challenging role of working with some of our most vulnerable students in Northern Delaware. Her teaching methods were inclusive, allowing her students to truly flourish and be prepared for their future.   Ms. Anderson enjoyed her time as a Dance and Senior class advisor at the school.  In addition, to teaching she worked as a Human Resource Director in the private sector for over 10 years. Ms. Anderson has the pleasure of serving on several boards in her community and in education. In addition, she also teaches and organizes educational activities for the youth at her church. Ms. Anderson earned an MBA and Master’s in education from Wilmington University.