Dr. LaRetha C.P. Odumosu, known to many of her students and colleagues as Dr. O, started her educational career as an Upward Bound tutor and then instructor while attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ as an undergraduate English literature major. Since then, Dr. O has received her MA in English Literature from Pennsylvania State University and her PhD in Urban Education from Temple University. Dr. O has taught a variety of grades throughout her career serving as a middle school English teacher, a high school English teacher, a college freshman instructor and a graduate school professor. Over the past ten years, Dr. O has served as a school leader in secondary schools. Starting her leadership career as an Assistant Principal of Instruction over grades 7-12 with Mastery Charter Schools and then as a middle school principal, Dr. O now serves as an Executive Director at the Charter School of New Castle in New Castle, Delaware. Dr. O is a believer in the importance of collaboration and making your voice heard. Most recently, she was appointed by the Secretary of Education and the Governor’s Office to the Health and Wellness Working Group for school reopening in the state of Delaware.