4th Dimension Leaders

Our Impact

Do you work in a high needs school?
Yes 81.3%
Participant's Racial Identity
Person of Color
35 %
58 %
Where do LFD Participants work?
80% New Castle County
6.7% Kent County
13.3% Sussex County
Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Training
Traditionally Trained
60 %
Non-Traditionally Trained
35 %

What impact has our programming had on your professional practice and/or your personal growth?

“This program has enabled me to be a strong equity advocate in my school. It has allowed me a unique opportunity to learn multiple perspectives from Delaware educators; making me well aware of personal biases that I have. In the short time I've been with Lead for Delaware, I have grown so much and am a better teacher for my students.”

“It provided me a platform to learn and reflect on the inequitable practices that exist in our society, and ways to leverage and identify out of the margin opportunity to effectively and purposefully lead in what we may consider, a complex state of education.”

“This program has helped me with leadership roles (department chair and Lead Mentor Roles, specifically. Also, helped me to expand my mindset and learn from colleagues across the state to adapt and evaluate new ideas or programs to meet the diverse needs of my students.”​

“I joined LFD in 2018 with the expectations of learning how to be a leader in Delaware schools. In addition to meeting that goal, LFD also taught me how to be a better educator in general. I learned about the effects of systemic racism, biases of all types, the past and future of educational funding, and how to impact all of these issues at multiple levels. LFD challenged me in ways that significantly impacted my professional practice and personal growth. I graduated the program in 2020 and I greatly miss the thought provoking conversations that I could count on with my LFD colleagues.”

“This program has pushed me to think about my leadership and the impact that I can have in my school as we push for high quality instruction and equity for all students. I have not just developed in my ability to not just lead students and teachers, but I've also developed in my ability to lead organizations and systems through the transformational change required to ensure that every student in my school receives an education that is equitable, rigorous, worthy, and prepares them for college and life.”