Equity Practitioner Program

4th Dimension’s Equity Practitioner Program, (EPP), seeks to equip educators at every level of organization with the knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to successfully lead equity efforts at the school and community levels. Over a 6-month period, a thoughtfully designed dialogic model anchored by carefully curated texts and high-leverage elements of adult learning practices, are synthesized to offer a robust set of powerfully relevant and self-reflective experiences.

Guiding Beliefs:

  1. Structural barriers are created at seats of power and lie at the root of systemic inequity in schools. 
  2. There is inertia in the dangerous social and psychological constructs that govern our daily lives; equity is achieved when we challenge institutions responsible for creating the constructs. 
  3. America’s founding story is unique; as such our systemic inequities CAN NOT be simplistically compared to the systemic inequities of other nations. 
  4. Schools must be redesigned to intentionally and equitably educate ALL kids.

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